YzerChat speaks your language

YzerChat is a FREE and secure cloud-based messaging app that automatically translates chats into your language.

Our industry leading translation system (MultillectTM) uses machine learning to translate instantly.


Make free calls and send free text, sticker, photo, voice and video messages to other users, on any device, in any network and country!

  • Automatic Translation

    Our market-leading translation system instantly removes language barriers from chat

  • Public Channels

    Create your personal public channel and follow people or organisations from anywhere

  • Rich Chat

    Send photos, stickers, voice messages and videos

  • Calling

    Make FREE voice and video calls with unparalleled quality

  • Group Chats

    Connect with like-minded people across the globe; everyone reads the chat in their own language

  • Secure

    Advanced security to ensure your private messages are sent safely and securely

  • Efficient

    An alternative to traditional SMS messages with a load of additional features

  • Powerful

    No limits on the size of your media and chats


Accurate Translation

Our translation system automatically and instantly translates messages so that you don't have to. It's effortless to use and there's no need to switch between apps.​

Create and follow channels​

Share Beyond Borders​

Create your own public channel to share thoughts, videos, photos and favourite moments with people across the globe in their own language.​

Follow anyone in your own language​

Follow friends, celebrities, organisations and sports teams from all over the world without ever translating.​


Make free voice and video calls​

You can make free* voice and video calls, send texts, stickers and photos to other users across any network and country.

*Data charges may apply

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